The note ballet

The Antinomie collection is a whole symphony of notes, playful, audacious or amorous. Each one composes its own melody to be unique. Each one plays on olfactory scales, listening to the heartbeat of the moment to choose its hymn to the love of the day.

Yes, perfume speaks in silence, expresses itself without words, but it is like a glance, it reveals everything with a slight touch and subtly blends into the dance of lovers. Smells act as a color, an outfit, a book, a music, a lonely moment or an evening with friends. They reflect the magic of a unique moment. With Antinomie, the heart speaks in a thousand ways, with reason, unreason, passion and even submission: the note of the heart is unmistakable. Voluptuous, it unfolds for several hours, transcended by the top note, more ephemeral, and the base note, which makes the song last.

Alone or together, multiple, passive, lascivious, we are multiple, let us compose our love triangle. I spray a touch of Flirt Infini in the hollow of my neck, violet and cedar diffuse their sweet flavor in the heart note, letting Sandalwood, Leather and Gurjum resound in the base notes, so deep. In the background too, amber, bringing its majestic note, binding the fragrances, settling the scent that it remains long on the skin, so sensual.

Then I Flirt, endlessly, waltzing with the flowers spread in the air, in the warmth, wrapped in woody scents. I meet Neroli Poète who carries me into the acid garden of hesperidia. Trumpets are sounding, this perfume rhymes with the lively notes of mandarin and bergamot. In the top note, this sparkling scent marries citrus and gender, neither masculine nor feminine, just timeless. In the heart, the notes of Neroli and sunny lavender are traveling on a background of musk and white woods to transcend the melody. Discreetly floats the so fresh touch of jasmine, flower combining floral, fruity and powdery fragrances.

I still want sweetness, a sweet taste in my heart, so I embrace a Danse Passive. The music changes olfactory universe and hums its fruity air that captivates us with its raspberry and orange flavors punctuated by those of peach. Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Cedar take over in the heart note while the melody ends on a sensual background of Patchouli, Amber, Vanilla, Musk, Sandalwood.

A love triangle that will make your heart skip a beat. Compose your own, be it passionate, spicy, shy or modest, but as always unique.