A shadow and light rose

Perfectly contradictory, the queen of flowers reveals her voluptuousness as the hours go by. And then, sometimes, a few thorns make their way into this candy pink world.

The rose and its perfume, delicate or bewitching, is magical, mystical. It must be carefully handled, revealing its mystery, draped in its coat of purple or tender petals. With us, this fragrance knows how to be wise, before revealing a unique complexity that no one suspects. In the latest issue of Nez, the olfactory magazine, our creation Rose Sage is seen as the link between a retro aesthetic and a rather contemporary gourmandise“.

Two different times for which Jean-Claude Astier, creator of the juice, has played with fragrances that magnify the Eternal Queen that is the Rose de Mai.

“It is always with passion, when you are a native of the Grasse region, to play with the floral notes that constitute the territory, such as jasmine, rose of May, orange tree and mimosa, exalted by Bergamot from Sicily and Ylang from the Comores. All supported by warm and woody notes, such as vanilla, sandalwood and amber.”

Jean-Claude Astier | Maison Romessence

This duality of associations, of rarely married scents, makes Rose Sage a subtle blend of scents from a thousand and one nights. In the morning, the rose is thornless, it goes straight to the heart. It reveals itself from the very first moments. Then, it will bloom in space, until the night to become a mysterious day bird. The initial “fleur bleue”, light and playful, will play on antinomic chords, leaning on sandalwood and vanilla, to achieve this metamorphosis.

It is in the evening, after this alchemy, that it finally develops all its aroma partly made of thorns. The olfactory composition closes with an almost demonic chord. This paradox is also reflected in the fragrance’s lovers: young blossoming girls with a powdery complexion, but also older men, immersed in childhood reminiscences.

Transcended by these antithetic notes, Rose Sage is unique. It is the shadow, cradled by the stocky Iris. She is light, thanks to the innocence and whiteness of Jasmine. This intermingling of day and night, this permanent dance with the skin, allows it to offer a special note to each person.

And you, have you already tried it?